Happy Mothers (a) day Or its everyday?

Will mothers day a week a month or a year will be enough to express what she means for us?
and moreover, the person for whom such event might be held, do they really want it? Honestly i dont think so. The whole idea that there is need of a separate day to show ‘yes you exist mom n i love you’ is hollow. The same applies to valentines day and all other days that tries to capture something that should be expressed in subtle daily routine lives may be even without words and through gestures of emotions.

And What that can be? May be a listening ear even when she is giving redundant instructions. Accepting her love even when it makes you momma’s boy, without being embarrassed about it. praising her food preparation no matter how it is. (Besides mostly it is the best) spending some time from our busy life to talk with her n not let her feel lonley. Taking her side once a while when she is complaining and even when she is being unreasonable. And most of all accepting her as she is without complain… because thats what she did for and with us. And there is much more to it.

And thats about unconditional love. It never demands, it only gives… it gives to see growth of beloved person and be part of it. But Do we give her that space?

We love our mother because what she did for us was a tough job. We cannot even think about getting into those shoes – its just exhausting. But she does it – even today with a content smile on her face. The love that she shows doesn’t change even today.
But what about us? Are we the same?

Sure one can give a day in calendar to celebrate this all. But without that emotional acknowledgement such selfies and words will be hollow. Mere pictures n stuff i.e. material rewards can never mean what we truly mean to our mothers. But sure every day awareness while dealing with her can make that change. That can be a powerful language and expression to express gratitude in spirit, even if ‘happy mothers day’ those letters are missing.

We need a symbolic day n way to tell our feelings to our mothers. But thats what mom tried to do for us every single day. Only her ways of care are more different and many of them makes us feel “embarrassing” in social life. How had it is to keep aside our ego and just make her feel accepted? Its actually not. But then one day act is always an easy way out that can never be equated to her efforts yet we rejoice it and even she does because all that matters for is our happiness. Which is true love.

But why this discussion in first place? Usually A day dedicated like this is to mark some ideas and ideals. But thanks to western commercial culture, they have made these days just another economic activity. And they cannot be blamed. Even the ancient indian culture had these symbols… various festivals that call for buying certain stuff just to accelerate demand and churn economic activities and keep markey going.

The saddening fact of life is no one thinks about the flip side. The cultural hegemony from west and subtle westernization. We dont need to copy, we have better ways of doing things and we must be seen doing them. Sometimes even in the language of silence and care.

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