6. bridging the digital divide

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The digital divide refers to the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology, and those with very limited or no access at all. It includes the imbalance both in physical access to technology and the resources and skills needed to effectively participate as a digital citizen.

A digital citizen commonly refers to a person that participates in society using a certain amount of information technology (IT). IT engineer is supposed to be by default a digital citizen. So being a digital citizen he is supposed to be familiar with the basic technologies and should strive to expand it in the society.

Unfortunately there is digital divide between the text books and real-time technology, teaching methods and the technology that they teach, students knowledge and existing technology. This digital divide is not created intentionally, it’s practically impossible to keep-up with the pace of technology. therefore It is necessary to bridge this divide by means of open source. Open source has the potential to bridge the divide seamlessly but for that faith, little commonsense, patience and hard work is required.  The open source is easily accessible via internet. The internet is not available for free of cost, little financial support is also needed. But that’s part of professional education.

To get idea how things have changed just check out following video, the video is created by Brunswick school of US , it is not important who has created it, what is said in the video: the message that’s all matters.

So it is very necessary to upgrade things as per changing environment, adaptation that’s what we call it. Such kind of environment is available today on the web; you just need to take note of it.

I hope that you have read the first 3 article before turning to this article. If not then at least check out 12-transition-from-academics-to-corporate-life this article as that is the final goal of all this and blog.

Some thing about social divide,

one inconvenient truth about today’s eduction system is that, it is seemingly moving away from the social aspect and is dedicated more towards producing man power ready for job. thus designed education is framed in a such way that it has hardly any dimension than touches social or environmental aspect of life. where as ideally it is expected that education should liberate the students, what i mean by liberate is discussed in this article, Education is that which liberates if you really want to know about aim of your education then you  should read it. further it is also expected that by getting liberated from the outdated social structure one should develop scientific temper (which i have discussed in the essence of engineering and technology ) to understand and develop ration thinking attitude to reason the activities happening in the society and in day to day life.

This can be considered as another divide, social divide, where education is dedicated towards creating labors rather than producing creative, critical thinking minds who will solve the problems as if they are playing with them. i will elaborate this concept in last article moving towards a sustainable life of this series of articles. right now lets get back into technology world considering the current system.

The following point are framed considering computing as the baseline thus they are largely applicable for IT and computer related engineering only, but one is free to relate it with their respective field of learning.

Something about academics.

Many time I came across the queries from students as we found lectures very boring and we just hate the attendance rule.

Well it’s not just you but I have also faced this situation, but look at this from an optimist perspective, these lectures enhances your tolerance towards torture J the hard time help you in developing patience. So while sitting next time for such boring lecture tell your mind that this is all for my goodness. Attendance rule is made compulsory since students take frequent common offs. And as per university ruling 75% is made compulsory so just be patient soon this rule will be relaxed, trust me 😉

There are some activities which you can do on your own to make teaching learning process interesting, you should discuss this with your seniors and class teacher.

Role of class teacher

In my engineering college FAMT, along with some senior teachers I put forth concept of class teacher but due to administrative reasons the actual concept got foiled and instead of friendly councilor it turnout as a police supervisor. Well can’t help it, but still the roles of class teachers are there but they are hidden so here I am going to discuss then, as I put the idea of class teacher.

“The class teacher should be a senior faculty from department having excellent communication skills, his role will be of proactive nature anticipating the problems of students and suggesting solution on them. Class teacher will be guide for student in entire semester making students aware about the dangers and opportunities in coming semester and current semester. He will also play a key role in extirpating corruption from academics and will help in developing the 12 transitions skills described in earlier article. It will also introduce students with the senior faculty of academics which will help in sharing of experience and opportunities. ‘A pioneer of open source’. “Although officially it is not written in the notice the logic behind class teachers still the same. So now its students responsibility to approach the respective class teacher and get solution on your difficulty.

“No sacrifice, no victory”

Since there is no shortcut to the success, for doing all this you will have to sacrifice some of your current life style leisure. But with proper planning we can most of from both leisure and success. It is not like that you are supposed to be studding for 16-20 hours a day, it is not compulsory to be in isolated doing your study… nothing like this. Daily 2-3 hours work depending on your capacity that’s all. infact after doing all these activities you are free to give time for your friends for leisure. Choice is all yours whether to be stuck with the outdated system, stay in illusion of unawareness or accelerate with the outside technology giving proper air to expand the wings of your talent and aspiration and stay competent of world-class standards… choice is all yours…

why to sit in lecture? it su*ks…

hmm…do you really have any option? what if you were in corporate company? so better accept the fact that you have to be in lectures for 5-6 hours. once you accept this now apply some creative methods to spend the time either for creative purposes or for time pass choice is all yours. during my academics i used to carry books for boring theory subjects, and as the teacher starts his/her lecture i used to underline that part from the book, it was  an amazing activity since while doing this i used to understand the concept plus i was able to catch the mistakes of the teacher. just have this clear equation in your mind above 95% attendance= 5 marks for free + recognition from the teacher which helps in viva and teamwork. so if your friend is not sitting in lecture be it dont run behind him, be little selfish and get the marks and recognition. besides being in lecture and answering teachers question is what a students duty.

how to manage open source stuff and study?


it is very easy to manage both the activities. in fact as earlier said, your journey in BE will be cakewalk if you took good effort to dig the roots of technology with help of open source.

how to do it then?

for becoming expert IT  professional you must be reading the reference book of the subject. the techmax is a piece of crap another illusion to make you crammer mindless robot… why to learn technology without understanding what it does? and how it works? such data collected by cramming is not of any use. so read the reference book, for any new term, look for its elaboration on wikipedia. on wikipedia you will find more related terms so just go on clicking till you fill satisfied by the information. don’t just go on reading entire article read it till you get idea. the reference books contains images, work flow diagrams that plays crucial role in your answers. try to memorize it. other important activity is reading of technical magazine like digit.all these activity will help you in enhancing your technical language which will intern will help you in writing your exam papers.

your new syllabus is totally dependent on the application layer so you are also supposed to concentrate on the application layer i.e. software and features provided by it without concerning how it works at hardware level. such knowledge will help you in writing your assignments too. don’t copy the assignment the activity of assignment is an opportunity to express your self and your understanding for technology. it is also an opportunity to win the trust of your teacher. so give your best efforts to write assignments. you are free to use wikipedia and other sited as reference.

But why to take so many efforts while the company is ready to pay  handsomely with a ‘good’ package.

You are right. but just read the following part and then think again.

  • the good package can be really ‘good’ but tell me, what factors decides the goodness of the package?
  • have you ever realize that you really deserve only that much goodness or your worth is more than that?
  • how much sustainable it is going to be?
  • Besides have you ever realize what is your worth by your own?
  • Why to set your cost with respect to a job package?
  • How you ever realized level of your talent and potential?
  • don’t you think your job package should be directly proportional to your talent, skills and capacity to work?

If answer for all the questions is yes then you will not be just reading this blog, in fact just like me you would be doing something what you enjoy doing the most.

Nevermind you have still enough time… the college time is golden opportunity to challenge the limits to test yourself so take every opportunity to test yourself your talent, potential and calibrate your worth. Collect  information about the techworld and keep checking with your interest as what activity you like the most, what factors motivates you. In this way you will realize your true strength and weakness. Infact it is believe that your BE project should reflect your field of interest and should support you in building in-depth knowledge about it. just like if someone finds his field of interest is web then his project should be dedicated for web development. The 12 steps described in previous  article will help you in this whole exercise of discovering yourself.

All I want to convey to u is, don’t keep your talent underdeveloped, identify your talent and flourish it. you have 3 complete years to discover your true worth make most of it and avoid future frustration. depending on your worth if you find that you are not good in any IT skill no problem the ‘good’ package job is for you only, whatever efforts u have taken while learning engineering so go for it!!!

in next article i am going to discuss the essential ingredients that are needed to be master of technology, i will publish it soon.

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